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Risk Management

Playing Defense

Playing Defense

Virtually every decision in a Personal Financial Planning relationship includes elements of risk management.  Even what appear to be mundane details can down the road be elevated into a decision with material consequences.  

Examples include:

·       The titling of assets and liabilities

·       The completion of basic personal legal documents

·       The introduction of legal entities for asset protection considerations

·       Insurance coverage for residences, autos, rental properties and other assets

·       Insurance on lives, incomes, medical costs and long-term care

·       Professional and business liability coverages

·       Social Security-related decision-making

Old School Capital neither sells insurance nor provides legal advice to anyone.  Rather, we assist clients in considering their many options and choices with the goal of optimizing their position at the least cost.  Such matters can often be confusing, presenting conflicting elements and disparate pricing structures.  We seek to help as a valued sounding board, allowing clients to work through their family risk management program with the full confidence that every effort is being made with an eye solely on their protection.