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Old School Wellness

Client-Focused & Confidential WellCoaching

Client-Focused & Confidential WellCoaching


Positioning Your Life to Shine


Personal Financial Planning is critical to achieving desired life outcomes for individuals and their employees.  Another foundational discipline that is of extremely high relevance  --  and one that is normally closely intertwined with financial planning  --  is the Health & Wellness of individuals and their dependents.  The long list of other related factors include the fundamental quality of life, personal satisfaction, commitment, productivity --  and reduced medical needs/costs.

The Old School Wellness affiliate of Old School Capital LLC offers Wellness Coaching programs to individuals, both directly and through discounted employer-sponsored programs.  All coaching is conducted on a confidential basis by a Certified Health and Wellness Coach® accredited by the Wellcoaches Corporation.

The Wellcoaches Corporation’s training is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.  In addition to providing Wellcoaches® certifications, the Wellcoaches Corporation co-founded and co-leads the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC), which partners with the National Board of Medical Examiners to deliver a national board certification for health & wellness coaches.

A Wellcoach® from Old School Wellness is an expert facilitator of mindset and behavior change that seeks to generate sustainable healthy lifestyles, prevent or treat disease, and foster well-being and the ongoing thriving of a client in their environment.

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