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Take Command of Your Finances

Take Command of Your Finances



The allocation of investment assets is a critical component in achieving financial goals.

The Problem: 

Many investors have no idea what their asset allocation is.  Worse still, even in simple situations, a person may have no easy way to obtain and monitor this information.  The ups and downs of the financial markets only make this knowledge gap --  and the related danger  --  larger.

The Solution:

The Global Portfolio Reporting Service by Old School Analytics.

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Old School Analytics offers its Global Portfolio Reporting service both directly to individuals and as a benefit arranged by employers.  The objective is to position clients to genuinely be in command of their future.  At all times they are provided access to fresh data revealing their exact portfolio allocation and performance, enabling the surgical use of this information on both segments of their portfolio as well as on an aggregate basis.  This can be uniquely valuable during periods of high volatility in the financial markets.

The old adage is that "One can manage only what one can measure."  Old School Analytics provides a high quality solution for modern families to this complicated problem by accepting the role of Calculation Agent for clients on a standalone basis. 

The sole focus is on providing robust investment information that enables investors to truly understand their portfolio’s characteristics.  In addition, analytical information on their underlying investments is provided.  Please note, no personalized investment advice is provided by Old School in this role. 

The Global Portfolio Reporting Service can be very attractive to those who cannot answer the following questions:

* - What is our family's overall portfolio asset allocation right now?

* - How has our family's overall portfolio performed compared to the market and against a benchmark that appropriately reflects our actual asset allocation?

* - Which specific investments have performed well for us and which do we need to reconsider?

* - How has recent volatility impacted our ability to achieve the goals that we hold dear?