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Old School Capital LLC is a fee-only financial planning firm helping New England families since 2001.   

We seek to serve clients in a chivalrous manner that reflects the sturdy character of New England.  Since its founding in the middle of Massachusetts Bay on November 11, 1620, our community has been prized for its Independence, Faith, Education and Community Service.

At Old School Capital, we are committed to never turning our back on clients’ interests, as we understand them.  We seek to help clients get the most value out of everything that they own.  We support massive diversification in securities portfolios and competitive fee structures.  We understand that other business and personal matters can at times remain in the foreground of family needs.  Our response has been to develop affiliates that can be relied upon to provide additional valuable services.  

We would be honored to be considered for the role of your family’s Chief Financial Officer, with the goal of delivering the success of a lifetime.  Let us help you to safely arrive at the destination of your choice!

Personal Financial Planning

Finding & Seizing Opportunities

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Investment Advisory

Optimizing Course

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Risk Management

Defending Wealth

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    Serving the Families of

Business Owners & Executives

Providing A "Can Do" Approach To Resolving Complex Concerns

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Senior Educators

Addressing Personal Finances With Well-Researched Solutions

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Facing The Future From A Base Of Strength

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